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We are a leading fire safety & security company providing several years of excellence to the fire & security industry. We design, install, service and maintain a range of safety, security and surveillance systems to cater for our clients specific requirements. We are approved contractors and have completed many successful contracts for several local authorities, housing associations, private hospital groups, commercial and industrial premises. Our professional service team assist at every stage,from initial site survey through to detailed design planning, installation & commissioning. All our products are available at the most competitive pricing in the industry.


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Are you a bit confused by the world of CCTV and finding it difficult to decide what you need to create a good CCTV system? You are not alone, there is a lot of conflicting information out there and retailers have a nasty habit of publishing claims which are a long way from truth making it all the more difficult. We are here to help you understand how CCTV works, what everything does and what you need to put together the best CCTV system possible.  There are 2 main elements, Individual CCTV cameras which capture images and the DVR or Digital Video Recorder which processes information from the cameras and stores footage. ……..Read more

This standard provides a framework to help customers, installers and CCTV users to establish the requirements of the system. It helps them identify theright equipment to meet their requirements as well as providing a way of evaluating the performance of the equipment. In particular this standard highlights the importance of testing the system oninstallation to ensure that it is fit for its intended purpose and suggests some methods by which the image quality can be tested. From these a non-expert end user can easily judge whether the system meets their needs.The standard also highlights the importance of choosing a system that can provide the data in an easily replayable form to third parties such as the police. This can be critical should there be a need to use the images as evidence of a crime …….. Read more

The performance of any CCTV system can easily be evaluated by the video quality at the monitor & recording end. Although there are many potential problems that can affect the smooth operation of any CCTV system, the vast majority of common issues relate to either transmission media or power. According to industry data collected by leading manufacturers: 65% of service calls are due to problems with video transmission including cables, connectors and their installation; 27% of service calls are related to power (such as inadequate or excessive voltage, grounding problems) and environmental issues (such as temperature or vibration). 7% of system problems are due to installation errors including improper termination, incorrect equipment set-up and mistakes made by installation personnel. ……….. Read more

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